Mechanical feature requests

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Mechanical feature requests

Postby Awesomeness » Thu Jun 30, 2011 4:26 am

We've been contacted by a number of amateur and professional shooters and training centers regarding the Ranger. Some have been happy with it as-is, others would prefer certain improvements, and some require added features for it to be useful to them. Post any ideas here.

Some features we're already working on...

- Wireless communications to allow the targets to talk to one another. For instance, this could be used to orchestrate kill-house scenarios. We have some hardware in hand already, and are working on this.

- Detecting hits. The ability of the target to detect that the silhouette has been hit by a bullet, and ignore the sound of the gun shot and other environmental noise. We have several ideas about how to do this, and have hardware to test some of them.

- A steel "kill zone" behind the silhouette. There would be a roughly spine and head shaped steel target that sits behind the plastic silhouette, that would audibly register hits to the shooter in target regions that are of critical importance. This only requires creation of the metal parts, and upgrading to stronger pneumatic components to lift the heavier load.

- Multiple tanks. It was originally designed for a single 20oz CO2 paintball-style tank, but it can easily have new bracketry added, along with extra hoses, for extra tanks. The frame has available space inside to host at least a couple more tanks, all at once.

- Larger batteries. The original Ranger runs on several 9V rechargeable batteries, which last about 2 hours (two CO2 tanks worth). There is room in the frame to accommodate much larger batteries, that could possibly run the system for many hours, or all day. We have some large batteries on order to do additional testing.

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